How to make it work ?


After have downloaded the jar file, create a directory and extract all files using the jar tool, let's say you create a direcoty under windows named C:\JBeanGen , then a command line write:

jar  xvf JBeanGen

This command will extract all classes and source code to generate Beans,so go to your prefered Java Editor or IDE and modify the class Conexion under database package to adjust to the JDBC driver of your selection.

Then you can modify JBeanGen.bat (make a for Linux or other Unix System), to put the JAVA_HOME enviroment variable to your Java home path and run the resultin JBeanGen.bat or

Optionally you can edit the classes GeneraBeanVO and GeneraDAOClasses to look for tables with a determinated prefix on a database, just change the % for the prefix you want for example MyPrefix% will filter tables to geenerate code just for talbes named MyPrefixTable1, MyPrefixTable2 and so on.

Compile your classes and run the JBeanGen.bat.