JBeanGen is a Java application that generate java code in order to build web applications based on JSP. Especificly JBeanGen maps the corresponding table fields to java classes, for example if a database contains a table named MyTable and this table have two fields:

  • name varchar(35)
  • age numeric(3)
JBeanGen will create one class named MyTableVO and another class named MyTableDAO, the first class will look like this:

class MyTableVO{
 String name;
 int age;

 public void setName(String pValue){
   name = pValue;

 public void getName(){
   return name;

 public void setAge(String pValue){
   age = pValue;

 public void getAge(){
   return age;

The generated DAO class will contain methods to update, insert, delete, getByPk, getAll. So having VO Beans and DAO classes will reduce the time to produce a web application JSP based following MVC(Model View Controller) arquitecture. Also it can be Database independent, the two steps to achive this is provide the correct JDBC url together with password, user and database name to collect tables information and generete code.